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  • About This Website

    "I don't know, I'm making this up as I go." ~Indiana Jones

    I've played guitar since I was a kid in the 60's, but over the past two years playing guitar has become painful due to arthritis in my hands. I wanted to continue with some kind of instrument, so I turned to my childhood guitar teacher, Dave Lindley, for advice. Luckily, he knows just a little about lap steel. He said that my problem was common and lap-steel might be something to consider. He was right! The new playing position has relieved most of my pain.


    My main occupation over the past two decades has been producing live music events. A subset of those included producing about 25 ukulele festivals. When I first got into ukuleles I immersed myself in learning about them, buying and reselling a lot of used ones on eBay. When Covid shut down live music, I did the same with the lap-steel family of instruments. Recently I was told of a collection of vintage lap steels that was being sold by the estate of a deceased David Lindley fan and collector of Dave memorabilia and instruments–many the same make and model of those Dave played over the years. I received the shipment and went through each, consulting with Dave, lightly cleaning them, restringing them, and in some cases replacing old tuners. This page is that collection, up for sale at prices below what I found for examples in similar condition during online searches.


    I have researched each instrument and posted information to the best of my abilities, but I did find conflicting information regarding some of the models so errors are possible. If any of you are more knowledgeable and you find any mistakes, please let me know and I will correct the posts immediately. Please email me at douglasjohnreynolds@gmail.com.

  • Payment Options

    If you are interested in purchasing any item, please email me at douglasjohnreynolds@gmail.com. I can accept payment through Zelle, or PayPal. If neither of those work for you, I can send an invoice through PayPal that can be paid by credit card but a 3% fee will be added. If you want an instrument where I have offered to split actual shipping, I'll get a quote before you have to pay.


    International buyers: I will consider shipping to a select number of countries, but the buyer must assume all responsibility for actual shipping charges, customs, and any complications. International shipping could run as high as $200 USD. Email me at douglasjohnreynolds@gmail.com.